It is an error that the license key is being used by another PC and can not be used.
It is possible that the PC was restarted without closing the tool the last time it was used. If you log in to the member page and register your license key, you can request release from the screen.
I want to send a log, but I do not know how to erase personal information.
After selecting and copying all the logs, paste it in a memo pad, etc., search for and remove personal information such as address and card number, and send it by email to <paul@paultool.jp>
What should I specify for categories and pages when direct link is specified?
Since you do not use categories or pages when direct linking is specified, no matter what you specify, there is no problem.
Multiple tools can not be started on Mac.
It describes how to start from the terminal in Chapter 3 of the manual. To activate more than one terminal, start up multiple terminals or add "&" at the end of the command to start up.
Is it possible to start tools on separate sites at the same time?
It possible. The tool works independently for each window.
When you press the preparation button, error will be displayed.
There is a possibility that your IP address is denied access (ban). I think that you can recover by rebooting your router or by changing the line by tethering mobile phone etc.
How many tools can I start with one computer?
Since I use the memory of about 200 MB maximum per tool, if it is a personal computer with memory 4 GB, I think that it will work without problems up to about 15 pieces except for OS.
Can I set something that is not on the list of sizes or colors?
You can manually enter the size and color directly.
What should I set for my keywords?
The contents displayed on the status screen must be predicted and set beforehand when preparing the tool.
Why my retry process is stop halfway?
This is a provision put into effect by Supreme. Please try a longer rety interval and/or a differant IP address.
Can I purchase more than one item?
If you activate multiple tools you can purchase multiple items, but if the request interval from the same IP is less than 0.6 seconds your IP will be banned, so you should make sure the request interval is more than 0.6 seconds. Method 1, if using 2 tools. we reccomend setting each tool to 1.2 seconds or greater (0.6 x 2). Method 2, using separate proxies for each tool.
When a checkout error occurs, the expiration month of the card will not be displayed correctly.
It is from the Supreme side that the expiration month of the card changes to the current month when the checkout error occurs. Even if you enter a random number card in the normal browser it will be the same behavior.
Which image number or product name is recommended to use?
If you use image number, it will not hit if it is different from the UK or US image number, but if you use product name you can get it from the details page of the product, so We recoomend using the product name.
How do you hit the product name even though there are no keywords in the list of products?
This tool internally holds the product name and image number of UK and US, and it hits the product name based on the image number when it was released in Japan. If the image numbers does not match, we access the details page of the product and obtain the product name.
It is an error that it is not an access from the regular page.
Such errors may occur if goods are sold out during settlement.
Does it support Nike's snkrs site?
It does not support snkrs. Also Nike's regular site has a lottery system, so the tool's advantage is low and the probability of purchase is low. Even if we fail to add to cart at the first try, we may be able to add to cart the second time. We think that it is effective to try again without giving up. It is also effective to increase probalility of purchase using multiple accounts. But Nike is more likely to ban you when launched from the same IP, so please increase the access interval and access from multiple IPs.